In 2019, the ATA released the second edition of Side Underrun Protection Technical Advisory Procedure, following a review by an industry working group.

Reviewed in response to industry demand, the procedure was updated to include content relating to rigis trucks and prime movers.

Side underrun protection devices reduce the chance of a cyclist or pedestrian falling under the wheels of a truck. They are already a requirement for construction trucks involved in the Melbourne Metro project and will be required more and more.

The procedure explains how to design and install this essential safety equipment and includes guidance about how to fit the devices to prime movers and rigid trucks – including construction trucks in compliance with the UN ECE international standards for motor vehicles.

The procedure was developed by the ATA’s Industry Technical Council, and provides designs and installation diagrams for the construction of steel, aluminium or fibre composite side under run protection devices compatible with most trailer designs.

The purpose of the advisory is to encourage the use of side underrun protection devices by making it easier for trailer builders and operators to find best practice technical information about how to build them. By encouraging the use of side under run protection devices, road user safety can be improved as well as potentially reducing fuel consumption.