When Nestlé in Australia took the bold step to stop mobile phone use while driving, to address driver distraction, it expected some resistance. It got the opposite, receiving virtually unanimous support across all levels of the organisation and employees who drive for work feeling the company values their safety.

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Listen to Jerome Carslake Manager: National Road Safety Partnership Program chat with Luke Byrnes Safety, Health, & Environment Leader on the journey Nestlé undertook.

Luke explores the change management approach utilised which saw his colleagues ask for the mobile phone policy to be introduced straight away and not over a 3 month period.

How did Luke manage to get their front line salespeople – those extraverted, 100 miles an hour, energy-filled individuals – onside?

Supporting this webinar is the Case Study: Nestlé Australia Distracted Drivers: how to engage drivers in workplace road safety and stop mobile phone use while driving