Alcohol and other drugs in the workplace is a ‘black and white’ area in legislation, but rarely in practice. While ensuring it meets its legal requirements, State Transit takes a balanced approach to addressing the issue, ensuring it meets its duty of care to customers while taking a health approach that prioritises education, support and rehabilitation for workers.

Key Outcomes:

  • Taking a considered approach, which balances employee health and wellbeing with duty of care and legislative requirements, is effective in managing drug and alcohol issues in the workplace
  • Testing for alcohol and drugs at random and at recruitment is successful in minimising positive tests and maximising the safety of drivers, other employees, customers and road users
  • Clearly communicating expectations and consulting employees creates a workable system and promotes buy-in for an organisation’s drug and alcohol policy
  • A holistic approach, that addresses both employee health and workplace compliance, is effective in creating support for addressing alcohol and drug issues in the workplace as well as encouraging those who need help to seek it