The following description was taken from ShopCare presents – ‘New Beginnings A health, safety, and wellbeing journey at Toll Global Express’ by ShopCare :

ShopCare in collaboration with Toll Global Express, developed the following video case study to showcase to wider industry/community, an example of industry good practice in relation to health, safety, and wellbeing leadership. We encourage you to watch the full case study and focus on the key takeaways for you and your organisation.

ShopCare is here to support industry with knowledge transfer and industry connectivity. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact the team. There are some key themes embedded throughout the case study such as safety leadership, safety culture, effective site design, use of data trends and ensuring workers are engaged in processes and change.

We recommend you undertake some additional research on these themes that meets your individual/business needs. One of ShopCare’s key focal areas is on industry identified critical risks, of which site traffic management is one. As you will see from this case study, site traffic management is a critical risk that Toll Global Express are working tirelessly to ensure they are effectively managing. If you would like to find out more about critical risks, please visit our website. ShopCare also has a range of useful information including hierarchy of controls, seasonal guides, critical risk exposure insights report and bowtie analysis, on our resource pages.