Involving top levels of management from both operators and contractors can bring a whole industry together to improve safety culture and performance. In just three years, 100 companies have joined Safer Together, with many practical outcomes already produced to help members improve safety on the ground.

Key Outcomes

  • Organised, structured industry-wide collaborations can improve safety culture and performance across an entire industry
  • Involving top level management, including CEOs and MDs, increases buy-in, with demonstrated highlevel commitment to safety filtering ‘through the ranks’
  • Providing a ‘seat at the table’ for both operators and contractors gives each group clearer understanding of the other’s challenges and leads to a more holistic, consistent approach to safety
  • Creating a tiered structure, where each level has specific responsibilities and monitors the next, eliminates the inertia between good intentions and lack of action
  • Providing industry with communications support to turn their good ideas into practical outputs that are easily accessible online increases engagement and on-the-ground impact
  • Individual companies are more likely to come together if expectations, a clear strategy and benefits of collaboration are clearly communicated at the outset.