A self-funded industry-led program has created a level playing field for operators by setting a baseline safety standard to gain access to fuel terminals, simultaneously improving safety performance and efficiency without increasing regulation. 

Key Outcomes

  • Programs designed by industry for industry can increase safety and operating standards as well improve efficiency without imposing extra regulation
  • Developing a safety-focused program where drivers and operators must meet minimum standards to access sites improves the safety standards of poorer performing industry operators
  • Best practice businesses support and promote such programs because they create a level playing field for all operators by setting base safety standards
  • Consulting industry on procedures and having senior level support from key players drives program buy-in
  • Regulators support strong industry programs and utilise them to access industry perspectives to inform regulation
  • Operating via a self-funding model, and re-investing revenue into new initiatives, creates a sustainable program resistant to economic fluctuations in business
  • The Safe Load Program model can be easily replicated in other industry sectors.