Ryans Group is a family-owned transportation company headquartered in Victoria, Australia. Their expertise is in general freight, removals and storage, warehouse solutions, recycling services and international freight.

Ryans has been insured with Zurich since 2002 and sees the insurance firm and its insurance broker as trading partners. Ryans started actively working with Zurich Risk Engineering in 2005. Ryans is a fantastic example of how working with insurance experts adds real value to an operation.

“Ryans’ recognised that the relationship with RSM as the broker and Zurich as the insurer was just as much about prevention and risk management, as it was about being covered in the event of adversity. Ryans’ operation is sounder than ever before, making them a business of choice for customers as well as employees.”

Recognising that driving can be an emotive issue, one of the key success factors was to build an On-Road Safety Culture within Ryans, whilst giving drivers the tools and opportunities to improve their own driving as required. A strong commitment from Ryans management was there from the beginning. They saw the value in prevention and embedding risk management more strongly into their culture. As a result, they embarked on rolling out an ongoing program for cultural change.