Key Outcomes

  • Combining passion for a cause with a commitment to act can lead to wide-scale change.
  • Engaging, well-supported road safety campaigns are effective in reaching large sections of the community.
  • Effective programs can raise awareness and change behaviour around road safety while attracting community, government and corporate support.
  • A Safe System approach demonstrates that road safety is a shared responsibility across the community.
  • Educating the community and raising public awareness about road trauma and how it affects people’s lives can positively influencing driver attitudes and behaviours.
  • High risk and repeat driving offenders can change their behaviour if they understand the consequences of their choices and are empowered to make better choices.
  • Peer messaging, through impacted volunteers sharing stories or young people delivering messages to peers, is powerful in changing attitudes.


Nearly 25 years ago, a small group of people impacted by road trauma decided to address a lack of support for those suffering because of the loss of a loved one on the roads. The result is an organisation that supports 3,000 people annually and national campaigns that ‘shine a light’ on road safety.