The following description was taken from BP: Road Transport – Contractor HSE Management Programme

Contractors and suppliers are key to our business performance, and we will assess their capabilities and competencies to perform work on our behalf. We will work together with them to ensure our HSE Expectations are aligned. We will monitor contractor and partner HSE performance, and ensure our procurement and management processes contain the rigor to deliver our HSE Expectations. The focus of the Road Transport Contractor HSE Management Programme is to provide the right people, equipment and supportive environment so that the contract driver is an engaged, safe driver, making a difference on the road. Throughout this programme we should continually ask ourselves “does this have a positive impact on the driver’s behaviors and performance.”

The Road Transport Contractor HSE Management Programme is a guidance document describing a comprehensive contractor HSE management programme. Each BU is responsible and accountable for managing its road transport contractor population. The BU is free to use all, part or none of the tools and processes presented here. For example, a BU could use this document to benchmark its existing program and conduct a gap analysis.