With road crashes making up over a third of all occupational fatalities in Australia, the importance of road safety can never be ignored.

In a bid to reduce this toll, the Queensland Government is committed to delivering targeted programs to manage these risks, with particular focus on fleet drivers — who we know travel twice the annual distance and have around 50 per cent more crashes than drivers of private vehicles.

As the Queensland Government’s fleet manager, QFleet provides advice and consultation on fleet, road and driver safety related issues. The QFleet Road Safety Manual has been developed to provide practical advice to agencies, managers and fleet managers on measures to reduce risks associated with work-related driving.

As safe work-related driving is a shared responsibility, this manual also aims to empower our fleet drivers and help them make safe driving choices. For these drivers, their vehicle can be like a second office, and we need to ensure both their safety and that of other drivers with whom they share the road.