Securetec DrugWipe 5S kits are being issued into use by Test Supervisors under the provisions of the Passenger Transport (Drug & Alcohol Testing) Regulation 2010 and the policies of State Transit. This instruction is to cover the issue, use and return of kits. The kits are only to be used by those who have completed training as a Test Supervisor.


3.1 Oral Swab Test Kit Issue and Management

The kits are used under the provisions of the policies of State Transit and not as a legislated provision under the regulation. The kits are a screening test to provide a guide for test superviors and to facilitate taking further actions under the regulation and or policy. A worker that refuses to undertake a swab test breaches State Transit’s code of conduct. A Transport Safety Employee that refuses a Sobriety Assesment breaches the regulation. The use of a swab test in conjunction with a Sobriety Assesment is not mandated by the regulation, but is intended to provide a screen as a component of the assesment of an individual.

The stock of kits are held and managed by Fleet Operations and Infrastructure Division at Leichhardt. Depot Managers are issued a small number, (5) at a time, to be held at the depot, to conduct testing of workers that are involved in notifiable incidents or Reasonable Cause testing. Stocks for random testing are held at FOID and are delivered to depots on the day of a random testing activity. All tests are individually numbered and are issued to the depots in conjunction with a single use sealing clear plastic bag and a security seal as illustrated below.