The following description was taken from NSW: Preventing Fires – Truck Inspection Manual :

Truck fires can totally destroy a truck and its cargo and create a hazard for other road users.
Truck fires in vehicles transporting dangerous goods, especially dangerous goods in bulk, are very serious incidents that can cause:

  • loss of life
  • extensive environmental harm
  • impact to people and property over a wide area.

Many truck fires are preventable. Factors that may cause fires can be identified and eliminated before the vehicle takes to the road and/or can be identified by the driver before or during a trip. This document is a guide on how to identify preventable causes of truck fires. It applies to all heavy vehicles, not only those transporting dangerous goods. You can find more guidance on the inspection and maintenance of dangerous goods tank vehicles in the Dangerous Goods Tank Vehicle Inspection Manual (DGTVIM) on the EPA website.

This guide should be read in conjunction with relevant Work Health and Safety legislation to ensure you comply with your legal obligations under those laws. Information on the latest laws
can be checked by visiting the NSW legislation website You can also contact SafeWork NSW (the work health and safety regulator in NSW) on 13 10 50 or visit