The prevention and management of fatigue-related risk in the workplace is a work health and safety (WHS) issue that requires a multi-faceted organisational approach. Employers have a primary duty of care to identify and control (eliminate and minimise) fatigue-related risks.

This handbook aims to help employers understand their duties under the Work Health and Safety Act 2011 (WHS Act). It
provides guidance on how to:

  • identify hazards and risks related to fatigue
  • consult and communicate with workers
  • eliminate and minimise risks
  • respond to and learn from incidents involving fatigue to improve prevention efforts.

The handbook has been designed as a resource for managers, supervisors, health and safety representatives (HSRs) and others involved in developing strategies to control fatigue-related risk in the workplace. It should be read in conjunction with the resources listed in sections 16 and 17.

Download the full handbook below.