UK Electrical Supply Board (ESB) Safe Driving Programme was the 2011 winner of the ETSC PRAISE road safety award for safest large organisation within the EU. The presentation outlines ESB Safe Driving Program, its key components and benefits. Of particular note is ESB as part of its road safety education and awareness campaign donates high visibility vests to all children starting primary school in Ireland. The aim being to make them more viable on their way to school and reduce the risk of drivers not seeing them whilst walking to school.

ESB Fleet

  • 1900 Commercial Vehicles 50M km/ annum 4000+ people driving cars on business 22M km/annum
  • Overseas Staff working abroad on consultancy
  • Commuting 81% Motor Vehicles; 7% Public Transport 11% Walk/ Bicycle

ESB Steering Group

Targets: 1.Zero fatalities 2.-50% injuries 3.-30% collisions 4.-50% ‘A’ collisions
Objectives: 1.Integrate safe driving into business plans 2.Risk Assessments 3.Education & Training 4.Assist the national road safety effort