This report is the fifth in a series of European Risk Observatory thematic reports. It seeks to review in depth what risks transport workers are exposed to at work and what the consequences of these exposures are. It does this not only by analysing statistics and studies, but also through selected case examples of research and prevention. The report is intended for both those working in the sector and policymakers in this domain. While trying to give an overview and highlight the main issues for policy and prevention, the study covers a wide variety of jobs and tasks and a very diverse working population. To cover at the same time the common trends and explain the problems specific to certain jobs is a challenging task. There are many common issues, such as the increasing number of immigrant workers in transport jobs, or the combination of ergonomic and psychosocial stressors, but they are expressed differently in the different subsectors and need to be tackled differently. That is why the report addresses many transport occupations with specific case studies describing the OSH problems and giving advice on how they were prevented effectively. A more in-depth insight into workplace prevention measures for road transport, haulage, taxi drivers and courier services is also provided by other Agency publications.