The OHSE Subby Pack is designed for use as a toolkit across states and territories to help develop and review occupational safety and health management systems. It is designed for Self Employed Persons, Suppliers, Service Providers, Contractors, and Subcontractors in the Australian Building and Construction Industry. The templates and guidance materials are provided as examples that can be adapted to the workplace or organisation, but are not the only means by which compliance with national construction standards can be achieved. Overall, the Pack aims to assist an organisation to improve their OHSE performance by helping them to focus on the elimination or minimisation of OHSE hazards and risks within the workplace. Further, it aims to promote a national focus on OHSE within the Australian building and construction industry by assisting organisations in meeting some of the principal requirements of: • Australian Standard/New Zealand Standard AS/NZS4801 Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems Specification with Guidance for Use; • Australian Standard/New Zealand Standard AS/NZS International Standards Organisation (ISO)14001 Environmental Management Systems with Guidance for Use; and • NOHSC:1016 National Standard for Construction Work.