In this webinar, David Schneiders (Pedders Senior Executive for Sales + Operations) will discuss the intricacies of load carrying and towing in the modern-day mobile office. Covering vehicle selection, legal compliance and load placement, David will draw on his three decades of experience in the industry along with his expertise as a VicRoads accredited Vehicle Assessment Scheme Signatory to educate the audience on the finer points and pitfalls of designing a fleet build, load carrying and towing.

David has a wealth of experience collected along his journey in the automotive industry including multi-franchise ownership and extensive Motorsport involvement – culminating in driving a Formula One car in Italy. In recent years David has focused his efforts on supporting the Automotive Aftermarket Association (AAAA) in its endeavors with government regulatory change.

Driven by a passion to improve the awareness of legally-compliant weight management on our roads, David has worked in conjunction with colleagues to develop and patent software designed to simulate load placement and legal compliance.