This Thought Leadership article aims to raise awareness of the dangers of increased crash risk in High Occupancy Vehicles (HOVs) and the potential for injury or fatality in the event of a HOVs crash. This document provides a definition of high occupancy vehicles, injury statistics, rollover risk,
and safety technologies available along with strategies to prevent rollovers and ensure safer HOV activities.

What is a High Occupancy Vehicle?

A High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) is an on-road vehicle which carries 9 to approx. 25/30 passengers and is below heavy vehicle classification of 4.5 tonnes.

Why are HOVs a problem?

  • Rollover crashes are more likely in HOVs
  • HOVs tend to be older
  • HOVs tend to have less safety technologies
  • HOVs are commonly used in remote areas
  • HOV occupants have a higher likelihood of severe injury in the event of a crash

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