Discussions around mental health have become more open in recent years, not least because of events like R U OK Day. But sometimes, practical measures to improve our mental health are separated from everyday activities, making it more difficult for truck drivers and others whose work requires them to be behind the wheel to put those tips into practice. David Westgate takes a slightly different approach, incorporating practical measures that benefit mental health into your driving to benefit both at the same time.

Perhaps it’s because his insights are informed by ‘lived experience’, having juggled mental health issues with a successful professional career, but David Westgate focuses on practical measures that can be easily implemented to help those frequently on the road to stop mental health challenges getting the better of how they drive. Maintaining mental health can be a significant challenge for long-distance truck drivers and others who drive frequently or for long periods for work, such as salespeople, with isolation, the opportunity to ‘ruminate’ on negative thoughts, and the increased likelihood of being a ‘first responder’ common challenges.

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