An Advanced Driver Assisted technology known as Intelligent Speed Assistance (ISA) is an in-car technology which notifies drivers of the legal speed limit and when it is being exceeded, helping drivers remain under the legal speed. ISA has been described as the ‘single most effective new vehicle safety technology currently available in terms of its life-saving potential’.

While ISA has a number of potential/expected benefits, the technology is highly dependent on the sensitivity of speed-sign recognition cameras embedded into vehicles being capable of recognising existing speed signage. The position, placementment, angle, type and clarity of the speed signs have all shown to influence speed sign detectability (Raj et al., 2020). Digital speed maps which cover all Australasian roads are not as yet available and digital inequalities which exist throughout Australasia will mean that ISA cannot be relied upon throughout the entire road network (Germanchev et al., 2019). Similarly, if speed signs are absent, ISA technology will be limited in its ability to advise drivers of the speed limit.