Welcome to the latest newsletter from the National Road Safety Partnership Program (NRSPP). NRSPP is a government-supported, industry-led collaborative network which aims to support Australian businesses and organisations to develop a positive road safety culture and help protect their workers and the public, not only during work hours but also when staff are ‘off-duty’.

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NRSPP Monthly Achievements March 2023

  • NRSPP Utilities Forum Executive met and finalised the 2022 Forum Report and commenced planning for 2023. Activities underway:
    • Optus will host the 2023 Forum in Sydney in October.
    • Utilities Forum will meet on the Monday prior to the  Australasian Fleet Management Association (AfMA) Conference 2023 in Sydney.
    • The Utilities Forum is collaboratively developing a Safer Vehicle Purchasing Guide for its sector which is being developed in conjunction with Queensland University of Technology and will be workshopped at AfMA conference. 
  • The Heavy Vehicle Toolbox Talk Working Group is developing a “humanising truck driver” campaign with Heavy Vehicle Industry Association which will draw on the 60plus truck driver interviews and be released as part of 2023 Brisbane Truck Show.
  • The Construction Logistics and Community Safety – Australia is in the final stages of finalising the standard, auditing framework, governance structure and supporting tools. An Expression of Interest will be forthcoming to find a new host. See CLOCS-A Newsletter for more details.