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NRSPP Achievements August 2014

The 7th Steering Committee was hosted by Zurich Insurance on 19 July in Melbourne key outcomes from the meeting included:

  • Membership of the program will be as a ‘Partners’ through a contribution orientated model demonstrated by and recorded through actions to improve road safety.
  • Working Groups and Special Projects have been prioritised, and project scoping has commenced.
  • The Case Study Template, Currency guidance and list of potential Case Studies have been confirmed and have commenced development.  These will be launched in October as part of Safe Work Month and feature as webinars.
  • Safe Work Australia is supporting the program through the sponsorship of 6 NRSPP webinars, 4 of which will be presented in October as part of Safe Work Month Virtual Seminar Series (VSS).
  • A sub-committee is to be established to provide governance, transparency and oversight of special projects.

Development of Stage 1 & 2 of the online Benchmarking Tool funded through NRMA/ACT Road Safety Trust to commence.