This Business-to-Business (B2B) video aims to promote Safer Vehicles are Better Business. The video is a call to arms to all businesses to make the purchasing of safer vehicles a core component of their holistic road safety strategy. Safer vehicles is a key pillar in the safe system which is the foundation for NRSPP – safe speeds, safe vehicles, safe drivers and safer roads. A safe vehicle purchasing policy only relates to one section of the framework, as such it is only one of a number of policies that make up a systems approach to vehicle safety within an organisation.

Implementation of such a policy allows for improvements in road safety outcomes in an area that may have not previously been considered. Organisations are strongly encouraged to take an active interest in improving their safety on the road. It’s simply good business to do so – common outcomes include:

  1. cost savings through the reduction of vehicle crashes, workplace injuries and incidents
  2. market development and branding of an organisational safety reputation
  3. the demonstration of an organisations commitment to high levels of OH&S
  4. confidence in organisational compliance with Workplace Health and Safety legislation

The NRSPP would like to acknowledge Steering Committee Partner IAG for taking the leadership in developing the B2B Video: Safer Vehicles are Better Business. The video would not have been possible without the support and input from leaders within 3M, ARRB, Bosch,  Origin and Uniting Care Queensland.