TransDev: News From Here and there is a brief newsletter that focuses on safety reporting in conjunction with reaffirming safety as a company priority. It outlines why reporting is necessary, the main steps in the process and the type of incidents that need reporting. It also outlines some of the safety initiatives that have been happening within the company to build a healthy safety culture.

Safety starts with me – If you see it… say it!  

The reporting of safety issues is a key activity in our commitment to safety as our number one priority at Transdev Australasia. And early identification of potential hazards and prevention is the key to maintaining a safe work environment.

The reporting of safety issues provides us with the opportunity to address immediate hazards, review risks, and detect root causes to help prevent accidents, illness and injuries.

It is the responsibility of every individual team member to report safety issues, remember –

‘Safety Starts with Me’.

Incident reporting is necessary for:

  • Better understanding and addressing the risks and hazards in our workplace
  • Fulfilling our obligation to report specific workplace safety incidents to the OHS Authority
  • Affording ourselves the best protection in any subsequent investigations or prosecutions by the OHS Authority
  • Ensuring the safety of all our team members

The three main steps in the reporting and investigation process:

  1. Initial incident report
  2. Investigation
  3. Written report which details the outcome of the investigation

The four types of workplace incidents that should be reported and investigated are:

  1. Any workplace incident (e.g. fire or explosion)
  2. Any workplace incident where the safety of a person (including an employee, customer, visitor or contractor) was placed at risk (e.g. exposure to hazardous substances or circumstances)
  3. The occurrence of any injury (psychological or psychical)
  4. Near misses (i.e. events which had the potential to cause any of the above outcomes)

Director Safety, Quality & Risk Management, Rod Maule says: ‘Regardless of how seemingly insignificant it may seem, I strongly encourage all our team members to report any safety issue or potential issue that they come across. We are proud of our safety record and we must remain vigilant in our commitment to reporting all issues not only to maintain our record but to ensure we provide a safe and healthy working environment for all. If you see it say it – it is that simple.’