Decisions taken by industry—as well as individual corporate safety cultures—affect how employees, customers and suppliers use the road network. Companies should be encouraged to take responsibility for ensuring their decisions contribute to improving road safety as part of a national shared responsibility.  Work-related road crashes are a major cause of death for “industry” and companies can influence not only work-related crashes but employee crashes when “off- duty”. The issue for some organisations is that they do not understand what road related incidents are costing their business, their risk exposure within the road transport system or what the direct benefits can be to their operating margins when they improve road safety.

The National Road Safety Partnership Program (NRSPP) is providing a medium which will assist companies to develop their own positive road safety culture. This paper will explore how NRSPP can assist companies in achieving good practice in road safety and how corporate safety culture is critical to running a successful business. It will draw on several case studies that demonstrate companies that have implemented road safety initiatives did not perceive these as a cost but as good business and why.