Organisation: DriverMetrics
Date of publication: February 2021
Date uploaded: 9 March 2021

This white paper addresses the risks associated with multi-drop delivery driving.

In the last decade there has been major growth in internet shopping and vans are taking much of the strain, delivering huge quantities of groceries, goods and parcels.

The Covid-19 lockdowns led to an even greater internet retailing surge, requiring an army of drivers’ multi-drop delivering goods.

Written by Dr Lisa Dorn, DriverMetrics research director, this white paper explores how organisational factors can affect delivery driver behaviour, and the evidence around the risks of multi-drop driving.

It considers how driver behaviour may be affected by the nature of the driving task, and makes recommendations for assessing drivers and targeting interventions.

Specifically, it is designed to help business managers to:
• Understand the risks associated with multi-drop delivery driving.
• Learn effective methods to assess individual driver risk and interventions to improve safety.
• Discover the tools that can help improve recruit and select safer drivers

Download the white paper: