A presentation given by Mark Stevenson as part of the Policy and Donor Forum 2014. As part of a global ‘Week of Action’ for the UN’s post-2015 public vote on future priorities, the Road Safety Fund co-organised a high level Forum to call for urgent action to save lives around the world. The Forum was hosted by the RACV and co-organised by the AAA, the Commission for Global Road Safety, the Road Safety Fund and the FIA Foundation.

The Forum brought together governments, NGOs and automobile clubs, and the private sector from across Australia and Asia/Pacific, as well as global institutions including the Asian Development Bank, World Bank, World Health Organization and UNESCAP. The event was part of a global ‘Week of Action’ to encourage participation in the UN’s global ‘My World’ vote, which has already seen 2 million people cast votes for their priorities in the next global development goals.