A world first

The world’s first mobile phone detection cameras will be rolled out in New South Wales, Australia, by the end of the year to crack down on drivers illegally using their phones. During a recent six-month Government pilot using the safety technology more than 8.5 million vehicles were checked and 100,000 drivers were found to be using their phones illegally.

Handy things to know

Laws differ across Australia, but the general rule is that you can only use your phone while driving if it is secured in a legally mounted cradle and is completely ‘hands-free’.

You are not permitted to:

  • Hold a phone between your shoulder and your ear, even while keeping your hands on the steering wheel,
  • Have a phone in your lap or your leg, and talk with the speaker function on, or
  • Touch a phone while you are stopped at an intersection or traffic lights.

What are the penalties?

South Australia: $594 and 3 demerit points
New South Wales: $344 and 5 demerit points
Victoria: $496 and 4 demerit points
Queensland: $400 and 3 demerit points the first time
Tasmania: $446 and 3 demerit points
Northern Territory: $500 and 3 demerit points
Western Australia: $400 and 3 demerit points