The Leadership on Road Safety fact sheet summarises Leadership on Road Safety, one part of the 6 strategies to reduce injuries and deaths from road crashes given in the World Health Organisation (WHO) SAVE LIVES initiative.

The six strategies outlined by the WHO are:

  • Speed management
  • Leadership
  • Infrastructure design
  • Vehicle safety standards
  • Enforcement of traffic laws
  • Survival after a crash

Within this fact sheet on Leadership on Road Safety, five solutions are outlined:

  • Create an agency to spearhead road safety
  • Develop and fund a road safety strategy
  • Evaluate the impact of road safety strategies
  • Harmonise and improve road traffic safety data
  • Raise awareness and public support

This fact sheet follows on from the WHO and World Bank webinar on the 18th of December on leadership for road safety,  a key element of “SaveLIVES: a road safety technical package” & Global Plan for the Decade of Action.