A healthy and prosperous world begins with people who are safe from physical harm. People who can travel safely, free of dangerous conditions, tend to be more resilient, productive, healthier, and happier. Countries that foster safe roads are better placed to win in the global competition for economic investment, and more likely to reap high returns on their education and health spending. But while safer roads can materially improve lives, resources and visibility for road safety trail many other global issues.Road traffic deaths and serious injuries remain unacceptably high at 1.25 million and 50 million respectively. According to the World Health Organization, deaths and serious injuries are expected to be the seventh-leading cause of death worldwide by 2030. The citizens cut down by road collisions are often young people, aged 15 to 29, at the verge of their most economically productive years. These deaths and severe injuries leave a tremendous human and economic gap.

Countries that foster safe living conditions on their roads and in their cities are more attractive destinations for economic investment.

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