The Industry Road Safety Alliance spans six major corporate operations, three local government shires and includes four State Government departments. The Road Safety Alliance engages over 10,000 employees and contractors with geographical reaches from Boddington to Collie in the south west of Western Australia.

What makes this Road Safety Alliance unique is that the initiative was developed very much at the grass roots level.

Corporations, such as BHP Biliton Worsley Alumina (Worsley), have taken a lead role to develop a ‘community based’ solution to road safety from the start and have shaped the Road Safety Alliance into a meaningful initiative appropriate for the community in which they operate.

The Road Safety Council’s Partnership Program (managed via the Office of Road Safety) strongly supports this level of innovation for corporate social responsibility and community engagement. Whilst the Road Safety Alliance has not been framed into the formal Partnership Program process the Road Safety Council’s participation and assistance to this Alliance is essential.

What drives innovation are people in organisations who can see the value of solving problems that benefit many and not just a few. Over the past 12 months, the Road Safety Alliance has led a range of road safety initiatives and improvements including road upgrades, better street lighting and the provision of car parks, as well as heavy haulage curfews, bus services, speed restrictions and driver education campaigns.