Work-related road safety remains a significant risk faced by New Zealand employers and employees. There are organisational, business, legal and cost implications. The AA Driver Education Foundation in New Zealand, and several government and industry agencies, invited Dr Will Murray to run a series of risk management workshops on work-related road safety during October 2005, to identify how to improve occupational road safety in New Zealand.

The workshops were hosted in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch. Representatives from industry and government attended. The workshops focused on why work-related road safety in New Zealand is important for both government and industry.

This report focuses on several areas:

  • The extent of the work-related road safety problem in New Zealand
  • The main contents of the workshops, including application of the WIPE, Haddon Matrix and PROACTIVE models at the organisational level
  • Participant pledges which form a list of useful ideas for audit and improvement
  • Government-level opportunities and initiatives in New Zealand
  • Recommendations for improving occupational road safety.

This report provides a comprehensive review of, and guidance for the development of work-related road safety in New Zealand, based on the outcome of Dr Murray’s research. It is designed to assist in the development of fleet safety policy for government and industry.