The purpose of this manual is to provide advice and examples that will lead to increased use of seat-belts and child restraints as safety devices at a national level. The manual is aimed at policy-makers and road safety practitioners and draws on experience from countries that have succeeded in achieving and sustaining high levels of restraint use. It includes recommendations for developing and implementing technical standards and legislation, advice on how to monitor and evaluate progress, and suggestions regarding other multidisciplinary measures. A particular focus is the design and implementation of a programme to increase seat-belt wearing and child restraint use through legislation, enforcement and public education measures.

In developing the material for this manual, the writers have drawn on case studies from around the world to illustrate examples of “good practice”. Although specifically aimed at those countries with low seat-belt and child restraint use, it is hoped that the information and advice contained within this manual will also help countries with higher rates of use to further improve usage rates, reinforce their campaigns and direct further resources towards promotion of increased use.