A new film featuring British Cycling’s Chris Boardman and driving instructor Blaine Walsh, and produced by BikeBiz editor Carlton Reid, show drivers how to safely overtake cyclists (BikeBiz).

The video highlights rule 163 of the Highway Code which states that motorists should give cyclists (and pedestrians and equestrians) as much space as they would give a motor vehicle when overtaking. In the film, titled ‘Space’ Chris Boardman explains that drivers need to give cyclists plenty of space when overtaking, and refers to the “dynamic envelope”, or wobble room, that cyclists need on the road. He says: “Cyclists do not ride in a perfect straight line, they have to make slight side to side adjustments in order to stay upright.

The space a cyclist takes up while moving is known as the ‘dynamic envelope’. You should think of this dynamic envelope as an exclusion zone around the cyclist … a zone you must not enter.” Driving instructor Blaine Walsh tells viewers: “Overtaking is one of the riskiest things you do when you’re driving and it’s critical to get it right, for your safety and for the safety of others. Sadly, you don’t have to search too hard on YouTube to find some incredibly close and dangerous overtaking of cyclists.”