This Case of Hornby Transport illustrating their approach of Safe drivers, at safe speeds in safe vehicles is a simple recipe for success. Incredibly Hornby Transport has implemented  what is world’s best practice approach to road safety management.

Safe drivers, at safe speeds in safe vehicles – illustrates a systems based approach which is helping Hornby Transport expand operations and retain its workers.

Fleet Size: 55 plus 70 trailers

No. of Networks: 70 permanent staff, including 40 company drivers

Key Outcomes:

  • A safe systems approach, incorporating safe drivers in safe vehicles operating at safe speeds, delivers multiple benefits to the company and the community
  • Technology-driven safety initiatives are accepted by the workforce if they understand the benefit to them, how to use them, and how they fit into the company’s safety system
  • Improvements in safety can increase productivity and reduce maintenance, lost time to injury and insurance costs
  • Safe drivers are loyal drivers, maximising retention and reducing the need for retraining
  • Transport company owners must remain ever vigilant to improved practices, with fatigue the number one safety issue to be monitored
  • Safety is not optional in today’s transport industry: customers, clients and regulators demand it