This document provides specifications for high-conspicuity livery schemes for both motorway and urban patrol vehicles. The schemes described are for application to motorway/trunk road patrol vehicles – “full battenburg” – and urban/suburban patrol vehicles – “half battenburg.” The following items are

  • A summary of the research and development work that went into the original “battenburg” scheme, as well as an outline of the scientific principles behind it;
  • A brief description of the evolution of the “half battenburg” adaptation for urban patrol duties, together with an evaluation of its performance compared with earlier schemes;
  • Information enabling the application of the battenburg and half battenburg marking schemes to police vehicles;
  • Detailed technical specifications for the minimum performance of materials used for marking vehicles in order to gain the full benefits of the liveries;
  • Information concerning the correct application of the materials for marking vehicles;
  • Recommendations for the proper routine maintenance procedure for the high conspicuity materials used for the marking scheme; and
  • Recommended procedures for the removal of high conspicuity marking materials to permit either the replacement of damaged or degraded panels or the decomissioning of vehicles, for example prior to resale.

Information given within this document will enable fleet managers to commission the application of livery to various types of police vehicles.

Alternatively, companies specialising in the marking of emergency vehicles should be aware of the requirements of the livery schemes and offer professional services. Contact details for some of these companies are listed in this document, together with the details of some the manufacturers of the retroreflective and fluorescent films whose products were available at the time of writing.