Each year in Australia, hundreds of truck rollovers cause significant loss of life and injuries, and damage to vehicles, property and goods.

Truck rollovers are especially common for trucks carrying timber, livestock and liquids as well as any truck and load with a high centre of gravity.

In fact, trailers with a high centre of gravity can rollover with an incline of as little as fifteen degrees, while the prime mover, which has a lower centre of gravity, will only rollover if the incline is more than sixty degrees.

The aim of this safety program is to provide your organisation with information to reduce the risk of rollovers.

The rollover prevention program includes:

A PowerPoint presentation that can be tailored to your organisation’s particular operation is provided, as well as information on how to construct, or where to obtain, models of trucks and trailers that can be used to demonstrate the issues that are raised. Click here for the PowerPoint.

This program also provides information to assist you to develop a Code of Behaviour that establishes the rules for safe heavy vehicle operations.

More information can also be found here.