Intent for these Storage and Handling Blue Scope Steel Products Guidelines

BlueScope Steel provides these guidelines to customers as an input into the customers’ risk assessment process for storage and handling of coil, plate, sheet and long products supplied by BlueScope Steel.
These guidelines provide only a general guide to the safe storage and handling practice for BlueScope Steel supplied products. They are not intended to be nor should they be relied on as a substitute for technical and professional engineering advice regarding the safe storage and handling of steel products in the particular circumstances of individual customers.
These guidelines are subject to the Disclaimer and Conditions of Use provided on page 20. Please read the Disclaimer and Conditions of Use before using these guidelines.
Advice for a particular situation/site can be obtained by contacting your account manager at BlueScope Steel or an appropriately qualified engineer.

Table of Conents

  • 2.0 Storage Methods
    • 2.1 Objectives to Consider in Storage System Development
    • 2.2 Prerequisites for Safe Storage
    • 2.3 Summary of Requirements
  • 3.0 Procedural Storage Systems
    • 3.1 Coils – Bore Horizontal
    • 3.1.2 Single-High Coil Storage
    • 3.2 Coils – Bore Vertical
    • 3.3 Plate and Sheet Packs (roll formed and flat steel)
    • 3.4 Mesh Products
    • 3.5 Long Products (rod, bar, beams, columns, etc)