About this seminar

Road safety management of standard car fleets is generally well regulated and well understood. But this is not the case for grey fleets – vehicles used for work that are not owned by the driver’s employer. As more industries increase their use of grey fleets, concern about managing the safety risk from using grey fleets has also increased.

Grey fleets are often a blind spot for organisations and workers, because it is not yet commonly understood who is legally responsible for their safety. As a result – and although WHS laws and other legislation apply to grey fleets – drivers and organisations employing them often do not fulfil their safety responsibilities.

The National Road Safety Partnership Program committee partners have identified grey fleets as a significant risk with unique challenges and brought together 25 partners to collaborate on a guide to managing grey fleet safety risk, as well as researching the legal implications.

In this panel discussion, three of the partners, together with legal and regulatory experts, share their insights and experiences with grey fleets. They discuss what grey fleets mean to their organisations, and individually the concerns that they have and issues you should consider if your organisation uses grey fleets.

Follow the time stamps:

  • 1.50 – 2.09. Grey Fleet Guide and Legal Implications introduction
  • Intros
    • 2.25 – 3.05 – Rachel Gunn CBA intro
    • 3.15- 3.50 – Richard Schuster Chruch of Christ Queensland intro
    • 4.00 – 4.30 – Lonnie Toia Sanofi intro
    • 4.40 – 4.52 – Tania Leiman Flinders University intro
    • 5.00 – 5.24 – Shane Stockill – Office of Work Regulator
  • 5.49 – 6.50 – What are the Grey Fleet legal implications for an organisation to consider?
  • 7.00 – 7.20 – Data slide where are work fatalities occurring
  • 7.28 – 8.30- What does data on worker fatalities mean for the regulator?
  • 8.55 – 9.45 – The vehicle is a workplace, what is the regulator doing in this space?
  • 10.40 – 12.40 – How does your organisation report on work related grey fleet incidents?
  • 12.47 – 16.27 – How does your organisation approach safety and is the same approach applied to Grey Fleet?
  • 16:40 – What does Grey Fleet mean for small businesses and the not-for-profit?
  • 18.50 – 20.50 – Tradition Fleet verses Grey Fleet what does it mean for an organisation’s safety management?
  • 21.00 – 22.10 there a role for telematics in Grey Fleet?
  • 22.45-25.30 What are the realities in seeking to make a Grey Fleet Vehicle safer?
  • 25.55-29.13 If we shift our workers from traditional to Grey Fleet have I removed my risk?
  • 30.10 – 30.40   How has your organisation approached safety management of Grey Fleet?
    • 32.10 – 34.10  How has your organisation approached safety management of Grey Fleet?
    • 34.50 – 35.25 How has your organisation approached safety management of Grey Fleet?
  • 39.10 – 40.39 – Do workers need to declare their vehicle is being used for work purposes?
  • 40.50  – 46.50  – Scenario: How does a produce recall impact Grey Fleet like a Taketa Airbag?
  • 49.20 – 52.47 How do you ensure a worker knows how to use the latest safety technology in 5 Star ANCAP vehicles?
  • 53.00 – 55.50 Should a worker be able to use a phone whilst driving and what are the realities in managing this risk?
  • 56.10 – 59.30  How have you engaged other stakeholders in safely managing Grey Fleet?
  • 59.40 – 1.05 – What are the next steps in making Grey Fleet safer?

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