Safety, sustainability and productivity cannot only co-exist but are complementary forces that drive business success. For Grasshopper Environmental, this combination has improved safety and environmental performance while driving bottom line benefits and fueling success in winning major contracts.

Key Outcomes

  • Organisations don’t have to choose between safety, sustainability and productivity – each complements the other and investing in all helps drive business success

  • A partnership approach leads to better safety outcomes, both within a company by encouraging drivers to raise concerns and working with clients to address safety challenges on-site

  • Passion, problem solving and perseverance can lead to innovative bespoke solutions to safety issues where no ‘off-the-shelf’ solution or template exists

  • Maintaining a modern, up-to-date fleet increases ‘bang for buck’ in safety performance, keeping drivers and other road users safer while contributing to the bottom line by reducing crashes and increasing productivity

  • Vehicle-specific training for drivers, delivered by manufacturers, helps drivers better understand and utilise the safety features of modern vehicles

  • Clients are increasingly expecting high levels of safety performance and specific safety requirements, particularly around fleet and driver competency, are becoming more commonplace in industry, particularly on large infrastructure projects