Organisations: Cycling Scotland & Transport Scotland

Date of Launch: May 2023

Uploaded to Knowledge Centre: 23 May 2023

This campaign was devised in a bid to make roads safer for Scotland’s cyclists, by raising awareness of the legal passing distance and the responsibility of drivers to overtake safely.

Supported by Police Scotland, Cycling Scotland’s ‘Give Cycle Space’ campaign carries the tagline ‘Leave Space for a Life’.

Visuals of people cycling from a driver’s viewpoint aim to humanise the person on the bike, with the television ad showing footage of the friends, family and loved ones of the person cycling.

A dangerous overtake shows the risk that drivers take when they don’t give the required passing distance stated in the Highway Code of at least 1.5 metres.

The campaign – which runs on television, radio, online and on buses until 19 June 2023 – is funded by Transport Scotland.

A survey, published to coincide with the campaign launch, shows that 97% of drivers agree that those who drive too closely to people cycling are putting lives at risk

However, more than a third of respondants admitted that they don’t think of someone cycling as a person, being more focused on getting past them and getting on with their journey.

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