Taking a local approach that brings drivers, owners, government agencies and local councils together to identify and address specific transport safety concerns has been so successful in a regional corner of Australia that the safe freight network model is being rolled out nationally.

Key Outcomes:

  • Creating regional networks that involve drivers, owners and government authorities can successfully address specific transport safety issues within those regions
  • Actions need to be informed by crash data and other relevant research to ensure responses are effective in addressing what is actually happening on the ground
  • Often drivers and operators are not involved in discussions about safety; involving those at the frontline increases engagement and the practicality of outputs
  • The first step in establishing an effective network is developing a contact list that ensures all stakeholders are involved, including all local industries, government agencies and local road safety experts
  • The success of the network approach rests on targeting specific regional areas and issues, sharing information and the willingness of participants to engage with the process, something they are more likely to do if they feel their input is valued.