The following description was taken from WSP – Future of Delivery: Unleashing the potential of micromobility for the last mile :

Demand for deliveries is surging. Relying upon cars, vans and trucks for the last mile risks clogging up our local places and adding to emissions. Transitioning to micromobility, like e-bikes and cargo bikes, in our city centres offers an alternative that is better for people, places and businesses. The Future of Delivery uncovers five big moves that city leaders can make to unleash the potential of micromobility for deliveries.

Increasing demand for deliveries

Micromobility is emerging as the smart way to move freight in our city centres. Small, environmentally-friendly and space-efficient vehicles can have a competitive advantage over cars, vans and trucks in busy and dense city centres, where space to move and to park is increasingly at a premium.