This Guide includes information on the potential hazards of loading, transporting and unloading logs and practical examples of ways you can control the risks associated with them.

It is part of a series of forestry industry material and should be read and used together with the General guide for managing risks in forestry operations and specific guidance material for:  

  • growing and managing forests 
  • cable logging 
  • coupe and harvesting site access and preparation 
  • timber harvesting operations 
  • log landings 
  • log extraction 
  • infield processing of forest products 
  • plant and equipment for forestry operations, and 
  • general hazards in forestry operations.

These guides are available on the Safe Work Australia website.

Loading and unloading logs may be carried out on landings or at roadside log dumps where the workers loading trucks often work for a different organisation to the workers driving trucks. It is important to implement ways to communicate hazards and safe systems of work between workers from different organisations.