This is a Fit for Work policy for organisations to be able to utilize as an example. The Fit For Work policy centers on providing a safe and healthy workplace for all employees, visitors and contractors.

Purpose of the policy

[COMPANY] is committed to providing a safe and healthy workplace for all employees, visitors and contractors working on [COMPANY] property or with [COMPANY] machinery or transport equipment. To this end, [COMPANY] is committed to a drug and alcohol free workplace.

[COMPANY] recognises the concerns of employees, clients and the general community with regard to the impact of drugs, alcohol and other substance abuse. [COMPANY] is therefore committed to ensure that the abuse of drugs or alcohol does not affect the health, safety and environment of employees at [COMPANY].

Employee responsibilities

  1. The possession, sale or distribution of illegal drugs on workplace premises is strictly prohibited and will lead to summary dismissal.
  2. Employees must not consume alcohol on workplace premises unless they are attending a function after the close of business that has been approved by the [INSERT TITLE]. Any such function must be attended by at least one member of senior management.
  3. Employees must not come to work if their capacity to drive a vehicle or perform their work is affected by alcohol or drugs.
  4. Any employee who is using over-the-counter drugs or prescription medication that may affect their capacity to perform their duties safely (e.g. driving a vehicle, operating machinery, using dangerous chemicals) must notify their manager or supervisor, prior to the commencement of work. 
  5. All employees are expected to support and comply with the [COMPANY] Fit for Work Policy and undergo drug and alcohol testing when required. Employees should note that a refusal to take a drug or alcohol test will be deemed a positive test result.

What will [COMPANY] do if it suspects that an employee is affected by drugs or alcohol?

  1. Any employee attending for work who is affected by alcohol or drugs will not be permitted to commence or continue work. [COMPANY] will arrange transport home (at the employee’s expense) to ensure the employee’s safety.
  2. An employee who is using over-the-counter drugs or prescription medication must, upon request, provide the appropriate usage leaflet as well as satisfactory evidence that they take the relevant drugs or medication pursuant to medical advice. The employee may provide a certificate from their medical practitioner that they are fit to work.

An assessment will be made of the information on the usage leaflet (and any medical certificate provided) in relation to employee’s specific duties. The employee’s manager will decide whether the employee can operate safely or whether they should be stood down from work. Should the latter be required, [COMPANY] will arrange transport for the employee (at the employee’s expense) to ensure they arrive home safely. The employee may be required to take personal leave until they are fit to return to work.

  1. Employees experiencing problems with alcohol or drugs may seek help from an Employee Assistance Program. [COMPANY] will provide you with details of Employee Assistance Programs that are available to assist with drug and alcohol problems. (INSERT WHETHER YOU WILL COVER ANY OF THE COSTS OF THE COUNSELLING SESSIONS)
  2. As part of [COMPANY] Fit for Work Policy, employees will be required to undertake random drug and alcohol testing, involving saliva testing with an electronic drug detection device and an Australian Standard breath analysis device.
  3. Employees may also be required to take a drug and alcohol test if:
  • there has been an event causing death or injury to a person or damage to property (critical incident), or
  • there has been a breach of workplace safety policies or regulations, or
  • an employee’s supervisor or manager believes on reasonable grounds that the employee is affected by drugs or alcohol at work.

Testing procedures will be carried out in private in the workplace, and all participating employees will be made aware of the results immediately.

What will [COMPANY] do if it finds that you breached this policy?

  1. If an employee returns an positive test for drugs or alcohol, and it is the first positive test result, the employee will receive a first and final written warning. Any subsequent positive test results (including a refusal to take a test) shall lead to the termination of employment. Note: Refusal to take a drug or alcohol test will be deemed a positive test result.
  2. If an employee is tested for drugs or alcohol following a critical incident, and a positive result is returned, the employee may be summarily dismissed.
  3. The information collected, being personal information, will be used to manage health and safety obligations. The information is strictly confidential, will be stored securely and not disclosed to unauthorised persons as required by the Privacy Act 1998 (Cth).