The following description was taken from FIA Road Safety Index Manual V.05 :

The FIA RS Index is based on the Stockholm declaration for traffic safety, adopted at the 3rd Global Ministerial Conference in 2020. Further, the index is based on the United Nations General Assembly resolution 74/299 and the resulting Global Plan for Road Safety (WHO 2021). The definitions, requirements and approaches in this manual are mainly based on ISO 39001 (management standard for traffic safety) and the Global Reporting Initiative, GRI 403. More about the FIA RS Index motives can be seen in a separate framework document.

The framework document contains a wider set of justifications for the elements in this manual. The FIA RS Index is presenting an organisation’s performance as a score
or as an FIA RS Index star rating. An organisation would as part of the system have an estimate of its road safety footprint. In the FIA RS Index, there is a clear distinction between organisations with or without specific traffic safety-related products and/or services.

• For organisations without any such safety products/services within their value chain, only one valuation will be performed, the FIA RS Index supply chain rating.
• For organisations with safety-related products/services, there will be a further valuation also for the products/services, the FIA RS Index product/service rating.