The following description was taken from Budget Direct: Fatigued driving survey & statistics 2021:
How much do Australians know about fatigued driving? We’ve gathered all the important statistics on road safety, as well as our own survey data, to determine just how dangerous fatigued driving is.

Quick stats

  • 20% of Australians drive feeling tired at least once a week
  • Fatigue contributes to 20-30% of all deaths and severe injuries on the road
  • 28% of Australians have admitted to experiencing a microsleep episode while driving

We all know that driving while sleepy can be dangerous. But as something that affects us all, how aware are Australians of the risks it can carry? And compared to other dangerous driving behaviours, how much of a threat is fatigued driving? To help understand the facts on fatigue, we have compiled first-hand research with industry data, to bring you: