What is this about?

  • There are over 2000 ‘Falls from vehicle’ accidents reported to HSE each year
  • These include on average 5 fatalities each year
  • Major injuries are usually broken arms or legs, resulting in weeks off work

Construction specific info.

  • In construction 70% of these accidents occur to non-drivers
  • 90% are low falls, below head height
  • They occur during off loading of materials or when getting on or off the vehicle
  • In construction the falls mostly occur from the load area of flatbeds, HGV’s & vans

What are we looking at?

  • Alternatives to working on vehicles
  • Safe access to and from vehicle beds
  • Safer working practices
  • What the company/ies can do
  • What the operative/worker can do

Work at height hierarchy

  • AVOID work at height on the load area. Use automatic sheeting devices or a fork lift truck for off loading where possible.
  • PREVENT anyone falling whilst working on the load area by using vehicle fitted edge protection or loading gantries for example.
  • MINIMISE any injury should a fall occur by using soft landing systems, nets & airbags.

Getting on to the load area

  • Only get onto the load area if no other alternative
  • Always use the steps and hand-hold provided
  • Do not use the “underrun bars”, these are usually set in and slipper

And so on