Toll has been gradually installing camera systems into its vehicles during the past three years. The system is known as DriveCam and involves the installation of both outward facing and driver facing cameras. It includes audio recording in the cabin as well. Toll submits the installation of this system is an important part of its commitment to “the highest level of safety in its operations”.

The Transport Workers’ Union (“the TWU”) and its members in Victoria are not opposed to the installation of forward facing cameras in vehicles. Union representatives were originally involved in discussions about the introduction of these cameras and accept they can provide a means to get a better understanding about incidents that occur. However, the Union and its members in Victoria are opposed to the installation of the driver facing cameras and the associated audio recordings. They question the safety benefits of the system. COMMISSIONER DECISION:

In conclusion, and having considered all the evidence and submissions I am satisfied, firstly, that there is nothing that prevents Toll from installing both the outward facing and driver facing cameras into its heavy vehicle fleet in Victoria. I am also satisfied that the evidence indicates the system can contribute to better safety outcomes in the road transport industry and should be considered by the parties in this context. I have come to this conclusion based solely on the evidence before the Commission in this matter.