Since 1996, the European Union has had clear legislation on allowed weights and dimensions in road transport. However, loads surpassing the allowed limits – experts call them “abnormal loads” – constitute an economically important segment of commercial road haulage.

They include anything from a mobile house and mobile crane to exceptionally large and heavy indivisible loads such as electric transformers, chemical reactor vessels, airplane fuselage or wings.

Abnormal road transports often need to travel considerable distances; in many cases, national borders have to be crossed.

This document presents a set of best practices related to abnormal road transports. These guidelines constitute a new instrument complementing European legislation and standards, a list of rules and procedures considered the best in their area, compiled by professionals for the benefit of professionals.

The objective of these best practice guidelines is to contribute to the development of a European environment in which cross-border abnormal road transports can take place with a minimum of hassle, ideally in an uninterrupted way.